Robert FERD Frank


St. Louis, MO


I became interested in becoming a visual artist in the year 2000. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by many talented local artists which have been a great influence on me. My painting techniques were developed by painting on art cars and watching others paint. My photography began with the introduction of the digital age. I became fascinated the use of Photoshop and various other Apps for digital artwork. My interest with the camera came later, somewhere around 2005.

My early years as an artist were focused mainly on music. I first played trumpet in high school, and my interest changed to rock & roll after the English invasion of the Stone's and Beatles.
I played in a local band, the Aerovons, that recorded an album at Abbey Road in 1969. In the mid 70's I hooked up with John Cougar(Mellencamp), and recorded 4 albums with him as his bass player.

All of my images are taken from a gut instinct.  I see a beautiful moment, I react, and I take the picture, which can happen anywhere, anytime, and be any subject.  It could be magical light, an expression, a combination of color or shapes, a special moment in life..... 
I believe you need be in spirit of the image before the editing process begins to get the best results, otherwise the end product can turn out lifeless.  Some images are edited immediately after I shoot them... others wait until the time and energy is right.
Much of my current work is High Dynamic Range(HDR),  a process which blends multiple exposures of the same image in special software.  This is what gives my images an illustrated look.  I put the final touches to the images in photoshop.    I work intuitively, and let the process of editing the image take me where ever it takes me.  The final reward for me is the print.
I like to title my images to give the viewer an interpretive starting point and leave the rest to be interpreted.



Winner at the 2013 6th Annual Photography Masters Cup as Merit of Excellence in the Photojournalism category.
Winner at the 2013 6th Annual Photography Masters Cup as Nominee in the Americana category. Four images won the Nominee award.


Presented with “Honorable Mention in Fine Art”in the International 7th Annual Black and White Spider Awards

Presented with “Third Place Honor of Distinction in Portrait” in the International 7th Annual Black and White Spider Awards


Presented with “Honorable Mention in Still Life” in the 5th Annual Photography Masters Cup International Color Awards

Presented with “Nominee in Americana” in the 5th Annual Photography Masters Cup International Color Awards


Presented with “Nominee in Architecture” in the 4th Annual Photography Masters Cup International Color Awards


2011 Center For Fine Art Photography Fort Collins, Colorado
Exhibition theme "BLUE" January 7 - 29

2009 Marbles Gallery Solo Exhibit "The Way I see It" 50 photographs and paintings. April 1 thru April 26
The Art of Green Crestwood Court Current
The Sheldon Gallery "24 Hour Cure"

2008 Kokemen Gallery Naughty Gras
Kokemen Gallery Tarts and Vicars
Soulard Art Factory
Venice Cafe
Clayton Gallery

2007 Venice Cafe
Gateway Gallery
Madd Aarf

2006 House of Jewels
Art Dimension
Madd Aarf

2005 House of Jewels
Art Dimension
Crown Valley Winery
Mad Art Gallery
Madd Aarf

Public Display

St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium
Frazers Restaurant
Hilton Hotel Springfield, Illinois
Venice Cafe
Dent Squad
House of Jewels


"Homeward Bound" The early years of John Cougar Mellencamp Biography Channel.



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Busch Memorial Stadium